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Loyal To Bearkillers
Members Mike Havel
Signe Havel
Will Hutton
Eric Larsson
Luanne Larsson
Pamela Larsson
Mike Havel, Jr.
William Larsson
Appears Dies the Fire
The Protector's War
A Meeting at Corvallis
The Sunrise Lands
The Scourge of God
The Sword of the Lady
The High King of Montival

The A-List is the elite mounted military force of the Bearkillers. At the time of the War of the Eye the A-listers could field 300 full time professional soldiers capable of matching or beating Portland's knights.

To earn a position in the A-List, a Bearkiller must first serve as a military apprentice. Following the successful completion of a number of tests, including testimony to character, the apprentice is admitted to the list. As a part of the ceremony, the new brother or sister is branded between the eyebrows; the branding leaves a blue scar.

Mike Havel, Jr. and William Larsson were admitted to the A-List following gallant performance in combat.

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