The Anchor Bar Seven was a ranch where a major battle occurred between Montival and the Church Universal and Triumphant.


The High King of MontivalEdit

While Ritva Havel was traveling west with an escort from the Force, the group rested at the ranch. After they continued their journey, they narrowly escaped an ambush. The members of the Force and Ritva fell back to the Anchor Bar Seven in time to avoid being killed as the Church Universal and Triumphant attacked with nearly two thousand troops. Artos arrived with his forces and turned the battle around, leaving the CUT troops to flee and be ambushed by the Sioux.

The Tears of the SunEdit

Ritva and Ian Kovalevsky were recuperating from the battle when Dúnedain Rangers arrived on Operation Lúthien. The Dúnedain purchased horses from the Anchor Bar Seven.