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Background Edit

Asgerd Karlsdottir was from a farm near Eriksgarth.

Key Events Edit

The Sword of the Lady Edit

Asgerd asked Heidhveig about the fate of her betrothed, who had sailed up the Saint Lawrence River in search of valuable materials. When told that he had been killed by men under the command of a red-robed man, she swore to kill ten Cutters in vengeance. She killed the first during the Battle of Kalksthorpe.

The High King of Montival Edit

Asgerd joined those following Rudi to the west to complete her task of killing ten Cutters. She realized as she left Eriksgarth that she would probably never see it again. Father Ignatius commented to Rudi that the mutual attraction between Asgerd and Edain Aylward was obvious and appropriate.

The Tears of the Sun Edit

When the Quest returned to Montival, Samuel Aylward welcomed Asgerd into the Aylward family.

The Golden Princess Edit

Asgerd gave her sons Karl and Mathun her blessing before they left on the Second Quest.

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