Battle of West Salem
Protagonists Bearkillers
Corvallis City State
Antagonists Portland Protective Association
Dates March 5, 2008
Locations West bank of the Willamette River, north of Salem, Oregon
Appears A Meeting at Corvallis

The Battle of West Salem was a result of Norman Arminger's attempt to split the Willamette Valley in half by controlling the bridges across the Willamette River.

Mike Havel and his Bearkillers stood aainst the Protectorate forces commanded by Alexi Stavarov. The losses on both sides were about equal, but Stavarov had more men. Mike was preparing a strategic retreat when the militia of the Corvallis City State, which had marched without permission of the Corvallis Faculty Senate, arrived and shored up the Bearkiller line. The battle was essentially a draw. If Stavarov had attempted to hold the positions he had set up, he would have been cut off from the Protectorate. If the Bearkillers and Corvallis had attempted to maintain the siege of Stavarov's positions, they would have risked losing their crops for that year.