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The War of the Eye
Protagonists BearkillersCentral Oregon Ranchers' AssociationClan MackenzieCorvallis City StateDúnedain RangersOrder of the Shield of Saint Benedict
Antagonists Portland Protective AssociationPendleton Round-Up
Neutrals Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Battles Battle of the Waldo HillsBattle of West SalemSiege of SutterdownBattle of the Field of the Cloth of Gold
The Prophet's War
Protagonists Bearkillers • Central Oregon Ranchers' Association • Clan Mackenzie • Clan McClintock • Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs • Corvallis City State • Degania Dalet • Dominion of Drumheller • Dominion of Minnedosa • Dominion of Moose Jaw • Dúnedain Rangers • Emergency Powers Zone of Concordia • Free Cities of Yakima • Free Republic of Richland • Madawaska Republic • Montival • Moors • Morrowland Pack • Norrheim • Order of the Shield of Saint Benedict • Portland Protective Association • Provisional Republic of Iowa • Republic of Kirksville • Republic of Marshall • Republic of New Deseret • Republic of Fargo • Southside Freedom Fighters • State of Nebraska
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Battles Anchor Bar Seven • Dubuque • Horse Heaven Hills • Kalksthorpe • Lake Superior • Pendleton • Six-Hill Field • Wendell
Comments Both the Moors and the Morrowland Pack were first allied with the CUT and then with Montival
Central Oregon Ranchers' Association
Capital Bend
Communities Sisters
Members John Brown
Allies Bearkillers
Clan Mackenzie
Corvallis City State
Dúnedain Rangers
Order of the Shield of Saint Benedict
Portland Protective Association
Antagonists Church Universal and Triumphant
Portland Protective Association
United States of Boise
Appears Dies the Fire
The Protector's War
A Meeting at Corvallis
The Sunrise Lands
The Sunrise Lands
Comments The Portland Protective Association has been both ally and antagonist at different times

Background Edit

The Central Oregon Ranchers' Association (CORA) is a nation in the post-Change world. It suffers from having no clear leadership. Every rancher considers himself (occasionally herself) to be equal to all the others. As a result, it takes an undue amount of time for CORA to decide to act. Its primary military force is light cavalry.

Key Events Edit

Dies the Fire Edit

The Protector's War Edit

A Meeting at Corvallis Edit

The Sunrise Lands Edit

The Scourge of God Edit

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