Key Events Edit

Crossing Tavern was a trading post operated by Arvand Sarian. It was relatively small because Sarian liked being inconspicuous. Mike and Signe Havel, using assumed identities, visited Crossing Tavern to bait a trap against Crusher Bailey and his gang, who were terrorizing travelers. The trap worked and Mike and Signe were attacked by Bailey and his gang. They were rescued by Nigel and Alleyne Loring and John Hordle.

After Bailey had been hanged, Bearkillers, Mackenzies and the three Englishmen returned to the tavern for a conference. Juniper Mackenzie met privately with Mike and Signe and told them that Clan Mackenzie had captured Mathilda Arminger during a raid.

Arvand Sarian swore fealty to Mike Havel, who told him to enlarge his property.