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Anthology Introduction: The Change as Setting and Secondary World by S. M. Stirling • Hot Night at the Hopping Toad by S. M. Stirling • Rate of Exchange by A. M. Dellamonica • Tight Spot by Kier Salmon • Against the Wind by Lauren C. Teffeau • The Demons of Witmer Hall by M. T. Reiten • Bernie, Lord of the Apes by John Jos. Miller • The Seeker: A Poison in the Blood by Victor Milán • Grandpa’s Gift by Terry D. England • Fortune and Glory by John Birmingham • The Venetian Dialectic by Walter Jon Williams • The Soul Remembers Uncouth Noises by John Barnes • Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers by Harry Turtledove • The Hermit and the Jackalopes by Jane Lindskold • The New Normal by Jody Lynn Nye • A Missed Connection by Emily Mah Tippetts • Deor by Diana Paxson
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On March 17, 1998, the world changes. Technology fails.

In an instant, civilization is propelled backward to the middle ages.

It is not a total loss. People still have all the medical knowledge they had, if not the advanced techniques. They understand concepts like crop rotation. The tracks of the railroads are still present, although individual cars have to be towed by draft animals or propelled by people.

The Emberverse includes a number of historical characters.

13 TreasuresBourneGabriel AllonI Am Number FourJames BondMaximum Ride


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S. M. Stirling
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I'm a writer by trade, born in France but Canadian by origin and American by naturalization, living in New Mexico at present. My hobbies are mostly related to the craft—I love history, anthropology and archaeology, and am interested in the sciences. The martial arts are my main physical hobby. (Source: S. M. Stirling's web page)
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