For the person, see The Lady's Sword.
Owners Rudi Mackenzie
Órlaith Arminger
Appears Dies the Fire (vision)
A Meeting at Corvallis (vision)
The Sunrise Lands
The Sword of the Lady
The High King of Montival
The Tears of the Sun
Lord of Mountains
The Given Sacrifice

When Juniper Mackenzie consecrates her newborn son Rudi, she is compelled to give him his craft name of Artos. Ten years later at her wedding to Nigel Loring she has a vision of an adult Rudi holding a longsword, double-edged, with a guard like a crescent moon, and a pommel of moon-opal held in antlers.

The Sword was an object awaiting the arrival on Nantucket Island of Rudi Mackenzie. When Ingolf Vogeler was through explaining that he had seen the Sword, Juniper Mackenzie described it for him as "...a longsword, double-edged, with a guard like a crescent moon, and a pommel of moon-opal held in antlers." Ingolf was relieved that seeing the weapon did not mean he was insane.

Rudi Mackenzie arrived on Nantucket Island with the members of the Quest and others with enemies in pursuit. He walked inland with his companions and time slowed. He entered a building of late second millennium construction. Inside he met with his mother and two other women. They explained the battles being waged beyond the world. He acquired the Sword. When he removed it from its scabbard, he and others in the world felt a pain similar to that felt by people at the time of the Change.


The Given SacrificeEdit

Artos used the Sword to kill Sethaz and end The Prophet's War in 2024. Órlaith Arminger took possession upon Artos's death in 2044.

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