• Madknightjabberwock


    May 25, 2011 by Madknightjabberwock

    I created this page way back in '09. I honestly and earnestly meant to spent time on it, but like always, things got in the way. In all honesty, I had forgetten all about this site, until I picked up my copy of "A meeting at Corvallis" and saw scribbled on the margins: "Work on ember site." So, I came back to it, expecting it to fully be as bare and empty as when I first created, with a handful of stubs about the books. I was overjoyed and excited when I saw how much the site had grown, and all I could think was that now a great bookseries, and author, had a fan-made fan-site that could help, and to extent is, a guide to the Emberverse world. I hope to take a much more active role in this wiki over the coming months, and I hope to see this…

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