Factions and Ages

I haven't figured out factions and ages yet, but so far I have the following:

  • 4 ages
  • A tier system of military recruitment. You start off with survivalists, and eventually, with enough upgrades, can upgrade the survivalists into militia, which then unlock an intermediate level of "middle-class" or "farmer" units. Elite units, however, are unlocked in stages: ranged infantry, followed by cavalry, shield bearers, then pikemen. The final unit made available would be heavy cavalry.

Of course, some factions get their unique units faster: for instance, Bearkiller and PPA players can expect to get their heavy cavalry units out faster: they have two of them, making them deadly - by the time your opponent is getting out heavy cavalry, you've already gone one notch higher.

Siege weapons? well that's hard. I need your help on this one, guys. So far I've thought of mantlets, scorpions and trebuchets and mangonels, but nothing more.

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